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We aim to leverage the international  market and serving A-class clients, providing the best innovative Trading & Logistics Solutions. 

From Natural resources such as: Marble, Granite, Cement, Ceramic, Engineering/construction supplements, and eco-friendly optimum-quality raw and manufactured Egyptian Salt.

We uphold our duty towards maintaining the highest and most sustainable standards of safety throughout all stages from production to delivery, and we highly cherish the trust of our clients, guiding all Trading processes (from A to Z).


We are growing every day, expanding our limits across the globe. We look forward to taking care of your highest-level company supplies!


providing the best service for the construction industry by providing the highest quality of natural materials,  Besides being a customer-focused company, we want to provide a safe, healthy, and friendly environment in the field of salt. In addition to maintaining excellent product quality, we also aim to maintain high safety standards to keep our operations environmentally friendly.


​To be recognized as one of the top and most reliable suppliers for the best quality of Marble, Cement, Ceramics, and salt in the world.

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We source out the finest types of marble & granite from various locations across Egypt, used in industrial and house interiors.


Salt Mining from the heart of Siwa Oasis Egypt


from the heart of Sinai, specifically 70 km south of Al-Arish, Mount Lubna is where we extract our cement. 
Using the finest pure stone ores from the quarries of the mountain.


These river rocks are naturally lightly polished for a smooth effect, have a variety of natural colors, and Resist fading for long-lasting beauty. River rock and stone can also prevent soil erosion, ensuring that your land is safe from fungi and rot.

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