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Salt Mining from the heart from Siwa Oasis Egypt


Where Siwa salt is considered one of the purest and finest types of rock salt in the world that are used in the process of melting snow in America and Canada

The top layer is on the surface. which can be used to melt snow or sell it to petrochemical companies.

It is usually used in defrosting operations where the salinity of rock salt is between 98 to 99.3%,

while the salinity in sea salt is between 95 and 97%, and humidity does not exceed 1%, while it reaches 5% In sea salt,

which makes it abundant in its use to melt the snow of Europe and America in half. Instead of using 7 tons to melt a kilometer of roads, only 4 of Siwa’s salt is used.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Rock salt

Using for melting ice

Using for petrochemical companies

Image by Timo Volz

Phosphate salat

using for fertilizer

using for fungicides

Salt in food

The main cause of the salinity of ocean waters

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Silica Sand

is used in a range of applications from glass manufacturing and foundry casting to production of electronics and construction 

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